Old Silver Coin Collecting

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Silver coins are one of the oldest entities. They are in use since the Greek civilization. Silver coins are popular due to their rarity and their value.The first silver coins dates back to 600 BC when they were used in the kingdom of Lydia. Silver has been one of the modes of currency in most of the nations.The reason of the popularity and extensive use of silver coins is that they can be easily traded for money, they are one of the rare metals found, they do not mix with other metals hence remain pure for a much longer time, and are easy to carry.It is one of the precious metals like gold and platinum due to its exclusive nature. This is a great place to see the top collectable coins for beginners. This is where I got my start in coin collecting and this is where I think that someone just starting off  should start looking for information and a news letter on numismatics.

It is used as an investment by people these days since they can be easily exchanged for paper money. You can go into any pawn shop and get current market value. The value of silver coins depends upon the international market and its demand and supply. Their value is more flickering in nature when compared to gold and other similar precious metals. Silver is easily tradable and the possessor can get quick and easy money on selling them. They are undoubtedly a profitable investment since their value has always been on a rise and have never failed to be one of the best stores of value. Silver coins are predominantly the most used and valued form of property. Silver coins have recently shown a steep rise in their value and have achieved new heights.This steep rise in their value has led to the increase in the use of silver as an investment.Silver holders have gained huge profits due to this rise in their value. Silvers coins are more preferred than silver bars since they are easily transportable. Ancient silver coins’ worth is much more than their silver value since they are not easily available.


Numismatics is the collection of currency and the people having this hobby have sown a great interest in the collection of silver coins. The best way to learn American coin values

The value of silver coins has made them a popular form of investment.They provide their holders with higher returns in a much lesser time as compared to other form of investment.They are not only an investment but people do buy them also since they are considered to be auspicious. These various reasons of collecting silver coins have led to the increase in their demand and made them scarce. Your best chance in keeping up with news on metals is a numismatic dealer newsletter, these newsletters have invaluable info on coins and other information on the precious metals world. Scribe to there rss feed so you can stay current with the ever changing world of coins.

Tattoos – Here Today NOT Gone Tomorrow

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If Your Getting Inked, Than Its 4 life!

In the early days tattoos were thought to have had a not so good reputation and not until just recent, they have emerged from the dark as a form of art,  tattoos represent a person’s own image or expression, thus promoting creative. New tattoo artists emerging every day with a variety of tattoos as a fashion statement. Also the many reality shows that have spawned into this new market have brought Ink more into the mainstream. Tattoo graphic design is now becoming very poplar for art students.

Men lean more towards brawny tribal tattoos and symbols of wealth

Men like to apply character ciphers over other methods of conventional images like tigers, vultures, etc. the trendiest being instruments of violence or graphics that show off power and courage. For example, to express your love for another person or animal, heart-shaped tattoos have stood the test of time. Even a tribal tatt can depict ones effect ion when done right.

Tattoos with animal images are popular  since they are respective of animals demonstrating the inner characteristics of being a wild untamed beasts. Tattoos with snakes and crocodiles are examples of these popular types of images. Meant also like symbols of finical status like gold bars, pictures of coins and $100 bills. I have see the dollar singe on the knuckles of some men. You might want to check out  his large tattoo image collection, on this site, to help you decide on the best one.

Women love flower-patterned Ink

Some women today love floral tattoos like lotus, lily and tree tattoos. Tattoos with underwater mammals have gained popularity with girls as well. This website displays all the best free tattoo design ideas for a girl. There is just so much variety of Ink on this site that you are bound to find one. just remember to save your coins, because getting inked is not cheap!!

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